Monday, August 13, 2007

Monday Morning Update

August 13 - am

Talked to D at midnight. Today was a pretty stable day. She and C were both there all day and she got to have some time to go outside and take some breaks today him there all day. She is down--completely understandable, but hanging in there. She laughed today a few times on the phone and with the nurse, and I know B must LOVE hearing her laugh. I know that even when in a coma or on life support, the deep subconscious can still often hear what you are saying--and we know B is listening cause he nods in response.

They tried reducing the amount of oxygen they were giving him down below 35%, but it got rough for him, so they left him on where it was. Unfortunately, B is still on life support, with the machine breathing for him. I think this is just to conserve his energy to heal from the surgeries and to help him b/c of the pneumonia and lung collapse. But not sure when he'll be off of it.

D said she read him 20 books today. He kept wanting one more. His heart rate went down to 120 (which is good) while she was reading to him--I'm sure he just loved hearing mom's voice reading to him. His blood pressure has gone down some too. He is still critical, but stable and D told me the nurse is really nice tonight, too. Yippee!

Keep those prayers and anyone that can give blood, it is much appreciated.

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The Silva's said...

Prayers are pouring in for that little man, he is definatly being thought of along with his family on a regular basis. Any news on his latest condition? The doctors are probably going to give Johnathan (my nephew) a blood transfusion soon, I can not donate blood, but will be donating platelets in both the little angels names (B and John). Keep us updated on how things are going with him, I will also keep you all updated with Johnathan's condition as well.