Thursday, August 23, 2007

Quick Update on Us

Since I have been a bad blogger for the last month I am trying to play catch up. This is difficult after so many days! So,'s list time!

Things from the past month:

1. JD is doing very well in his big boy bed. Some nights he does GREAT and doesn't wake up at all, others he'll wake up once but goes right back to sleep once I put him back in bed. I'm loving the new bed because we now have a wonderful bedtime routine. We read a few books, which I love because he now starts telling me the stories. We say our prayers afterwards and there is nothing more precious than watching him clasp his hands and try to keep his eyes closed for longer that 5 seconds. I do most of the praying, but he chimes in with "yeah..." when we bless everyone under the sun and "what else" after I say AMEN!

2. JD can't wait for his baby sister to arrive. Every time someone new comes over JD shows him "My Kenzie's room" as he calls it. He refers to her as "My Kenzie" and it's precious!! He's also obsessed with looking at my belly and doesn't hesitiate to lift my shirt up regardless where we are at - the waiting room of the doctor's office...the grocery store....Chick Fil A. The other day I was changing him and he said, "Mama, I play peek a boo with Kenzie. Open! Open your shirt!"

3. Our dear friends Kate and John welcomed their first baby into this world yesterday evening. John Alan was boy at 6:03 p.m. weight 6lbs. 9oz. and measuring 19 inches long. He's precious and both mommy and baby are doing well. This only made me that much more excited about Miss MacKenzie's arrival! It was also so precious watching Jimmy get all excited about holding J. I can remember only a few years back when he was nervous to hold other babies, now he's an old pro and more than ready to hold this sweet girl!

4. We've got the nursery painted and have ordered the rest of the decor and all the furniture. It should be in the first week of September and I CAN NOT wait! Did I mention how excited I am?? This girl business is a blast!

5. JD starts back at MDO next week. We went today to meet his teachers and he was so excited. I look so forward to the new year and I'm so grateful that JD is excited as can be. He did not want to leave the classroom this evening! The Lamb School's program is so wonderful and I am so blessed to have JD involved with it.

6. Potty traning hasn't been going as well as it was. Although, he has learned how to pee outside. The other day I took his swimsuit off to dry out after we got out of the pool. Before I could get him in the door he started peeing on the back patio. He looked like such a big boy. He had that huge arch in his back and was spraying the ground with so much concentration. I couldn't help but laugh! A few days later he was laying on his changing pad and had his back arched again with his bottom raised off the pad and said, "Mamma, I pee on the fan?" as he pointed it towards to ceiling. Ahh...boys...what can you do?

7. Lastly, I am getting there. As in, getting closer to being done with this pregnancy. I honestly can't complain. I feel great (a lot better than I ever did with JD) and have had it pretty easy so far. I am 29 weeks and 4 only 10-1/2 more weeks until my due date. At this point I don't know if my doctor will take her early or not. I am no longer going to be scheduled for a c-section, but she might still take her a week or two early depending on the condition of my cervix! We shall see...I have no complaints with mid-October, say 37 weeks?

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Liz said...

it was crazy to bump into you last week at the haircut place!
i still can't believe i recognized your name on the sign-in sheet from a blog entry? what are the chances? nice to meet you in person!
JD is so cute!
please let us know if we can do anything for the Burt's! i'm still praying for Byson.
blessings to you
liz seay