Tuesday, August 26, 2008

10 Months Old

Dear My Sweet MacKenzie,

Happy 10 months! You are sleeping right now and I am trying to catch up on the computer. We have played so much this afternoon. Your new favorite game is chase. You love for me to put you down on the ground and then you take off crawling. You are so fast. As soon as you hear mommy come after you, you start cracking up. You have the silliest laugh I have ever heard. It's not a very pretty laugh, it's grunty, but all the more precious.

You have also learned to clap. It's so cute and you get so amazed at yourself. Now you clap anytime you hear anyone else clapping. Last night I was watching my DVR'd The View and as soon as the audience started clapping, you went crazy. You clapped right along with them for Mrs. McCain - I think we have a mini-Republican already, your PawPaw will be so proud!

Still no first steps, but you are cruising everywhere. You favorite thing to do is push your brother's chairs around. JD has these little preschool chairs that are in the playroom at his little table and you stand in front of them and push them all through the house. You are such a big girl. You pull up on anything and everything. If we leave the fridge open to long, you try to climb right in. Which brings me to...

...You eating. I seriously can't explain how much you eat. I have thought about blogging this several times, but my readers wouldn't believe me. When we go out to eat with friends they can not believe it. I am not kidding when I say you eat more than your 3-1/2 year old brother - EVERY MEAL. Because I do not have enough memory on my camera to capture your entire meal, here's a list of some of the things you have eaten at meals in the last week...

- At my birthday dinner you ate an entie kid's meal. Ok, almost an entire kids meal. I orded you a chicken fajita soft taco from the kid's meal and you ate EVEY piece of chicken, every bit of te rice, and half your beans. This was after eating about 2 TBS full of guacamole and some queso.
- At Lupe Tortillas for lunch the other day you ate an entire bowl of the beans they set out and then a whole guacamole salad and all of your brothers rice.
- We went to dinner with KK, Pa Tim, and Aunt Shannie last week and you ate a bowl of rice mixed with miso soup, an entire children's tempura veggies, and sushi roll (cooked), 2 egg rolls, and 3-4 grahamn crackers. Seriously?!

I could go on and on. Every meal it's the same way. You love to eat, you're like a bottomless pit. I am gonna have Dr. P. check you for a tape-worm. Oh, and on top of all this you love to nurse!!!

It's funny, because you are becoming Miss Personality as well. It's the oddest thing seeing your own personality traits carried out in your kids. I have never really expriened this with JD. I guess he is a lot like his father. You on the other hand, are your mommy's daughter. I hate to admit it, but you even share a lot of my not-so-impressive traits...

...You lack patience my dear child. Just like your mama. Bless your father. I use to think that the reason Jimmy is so patient was because I am not. We were eachother's balance. I now know it's because later on down the road he was going to have 2 girl's with no patience and well, God, knew he needed all he could get! When you want something, yu want it NOW! There's no waiting with you!!! And when you don't get that something...

...You sure know how to throw a fit. Now, I'd like to think I don't throw as many fits now as I use to, I mean, I do have to behave like an adult. At least in public. But I have no doubt that your KK will say I was the QUEEN OF FITS a few years back!! Daddy will probably agree as well.

...You pretty much like to be center-of-attention. I have no idea who you inherited this from?! If you don't have all eyes on you, you let us know! You have a yell like I have never heard. I once was told that after you hear a certain decibal you'll never hear it again. Well, that was a lie. I hear it. Daily. And it's ear-piercing.

...You like to talk. Right now you can say Mama, Dada, and Bye-Bye but that doesn' stop you. You talk to anyone that will listen. You also make the funniest sounds.

...You are now fake-coughing. It's funny. Not a trait of mine, but very funny. Yesterday we were at Chick-Fil-A after JD's sports class at The Little Gym and a little boy behind us kept coughing. Every time he coughed, you coughed. It sounds so fake and requires a lot of effort but you like attention, so I guess it's worth it. You are too cute!

I am seriously in love with you my sweet girl. You melt my heart daily. Even when you are wearing me out. I am not sure I have ever experienced such a feeling of being completely worn out and frusterated with someone, yet loving them so intensely. It's so strange.

You are growing my darling and in 2 short months will be one. If I could freeze time I would because I LOVE 10 months. You are my precious thing and your daddy and brother think you are IT!! As JD told me this morning, "Mama, I love Kenzie. And the dogs. "

Here's a cute picture of you swinging at the park yesterday. You love to swing, which is something else we have in common. I've always loved to swing, be it normal swing, a porch swing, or a hammock. I love it. Your brother has NEVER enjoyed swinging.


Had to add...

You just woke up and I went in your room to get you out of your crib. As soon as I picked you up, you leaned forward and kissed me (you have also started kissing - those precious open-mouthed baby kisses). Err...at least I think it was a kiss. I did just eat Cheetos so there's a good chance you were looking for some left-overs.



Erin said...

she was probably trying to get the cheeto dust off your mouth...love it

Rachel Lee Broussard said...

I love her, she is so so cute! I can't believe that she is already about to be one!!
I agree, I think we could tackle the venture of kids rooms, you have tons of extra time anyway!
love u

I am Trish Marie said...

My oldest, Jill, would eat like that. People used to watch her shocked.