Monday, November 17, 2008

These Two

I hate that I am not blogging so I am going to try and squeeze that in real quick. I mean, it's already 12:13 am, what's another few minutes?!

Things are good. Busy. Busy. Busy. But good. My babies are growing like crazy. Here are a few updates on those two...

JD is a mess. He is starting to talk back. Or sass me. It's driving me crazy. He has a response to every single thing I say. Usually if I can just get him to say, "Yes Mam" then it ends the convo, but that's proving to be trickier than it was a week ago. I possibly said, "YES MAM????!!!!" twenty times today alone. Really.

Last week we got loaded up and pulled out of the driveway for school only to discover that my tire preassure was low. So I called Jimmy b/c I don't have any clue what that means. After performing some of my own diagnostic test (checking the tires for nails) I drove to the gas station and attempted to put air in my tire. I like to pretend I know how to use those type of things, but I don't. I am pretty sure I had a few people laughing in the parking lot. I was so concerned with overfilling the tire that I gave up. I called Jimmy and was probably pretty rude b/c I was so aggrivated about my tires, even more aggrivated about the possibility of JD missing school, and mostly aggrivated that Jimmy was in Spring and unable to fix the situation immediately, which is how I like most problems solved. Anywho, I got back in the car and informed JD that we might have to miss school because mommy's tire was messed up. To which he responded, "Mama, we are not arguing about this. I am going to school!" Hmm...wonder where he's heard that before?!?

He is also completely in love with his sister. That being said, he pesters her to no end. He has to touch her. She doesn't like to be touched. He has to talk to her right in the face. She doesn't like that either. He has to poke her with sticks. She's not a fan. He has to crawl around the house after her and everytime she turns around to look at him he gets within inches of her face. She has this thing with personal space. He has to talk to her all the time. She's rather he just left her alone. He has to take every toy she's playing with. She squeals, LOUDLY, everytime. He has to sit in her new pink chair. She doesn't really like to share that. He has to spit water on her in the bathtub. She only thought that was funny the first time - 4 months ago. He has to hug her constantly (which is sweet I know). She's good after the first one each day. He has to put his arm around her in the shopping cart and squeeze. She doesn't like to be held onto and again squeals. Loudly. He just loves her so. And she loves him. But really, give a sister some space. The first person she looks for every morning is her brother. And if he's still asleep, she pokes him in the face until he wakes.

JD has also learned to write his name. I was so excited the first time he did it without being shown first. He is soooo smart. I mean, it is only 2 letters, but it's a start?! Actually, last night he wrote "Jimmy." I didn't even realize he knew his real name was Jimmy. TGF Mrs. Clayton. JD tells me how much he loves Mrs. Clayton (his teacher) daily.

One last thing about my boy. Can y'all believe he will ve 4 in 2 months?! Holy cow!!!

Shana - Squash Casserole, plus I have 7 Thanksgiving wooden hangy things that mom's can paintkris h - cranberry chutney stuff (and probably cupcakes too.......................)Kris O - mashed potatoesSarah - rollsJessica - Pumpkin PieJennifer - cups, plates, napkins, soda for mamas and box drinks for the kiddosAmy-Greenbeans (I know big surprise)

MacKenzie is more than a handful. She's a WILD CHILD. Seriously. She has no fear. Saturday she climbed up the ladder to the fort in the yard. The ladder consists of 5 steps and the 5th step is about 5-1/2' off the ground. She climbed all the way to the 5th step. She's crazy.

We have to bungy-cord her to the high chair. That doesn't look odd I promise. She climbs out of her high chair, over the tray, and onto the kitchen table. She then looks at me like, "What?!"

She can say "Mama, Bye, Dada, Dog, and Bubba." Oh, and she can scream/squeal/whine/yell - I don't even know what to call it. It's not pretty.

She is so dang cute. I could just stare at her all day. She is a pure joy. A mess. But a joy. She's not our "easy one" by any means, but I couldn't imagine her any other way.

Well. I better go to bed. I have to get up in 7 hours for preschool. And Jimmy wants to do a breakfast before he leave for work. FUN?!


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Sarah said...

Just precious - both of your babies. I love love love your stories!