Tuesday, November 04, 2008

No Bama '08 - I know. I'm lame.

It's time. All of the debates...speculation...ads...SNL skits...punch lines on late night tv...all for this. Election Day. It's funny. A part of me is soooo glad it's almost over. Another part worries about the state of our country and what tomorrow will be like.

I voted today. Along with a million others. It was such an odd feeling. This is the second presidential election I have been able to vote in (my sister's first). It was so different than the first. It was so less monumental last time. It was neat that both times I have gone with my husband. There's strength in walking in there together. MacKenzie also went with us. There was no line whatsoever. The people at the poles were so dang nice. They asked me to bring MacKenzie into the gym where the voting was taking place because it was such a monumental event. How neat is that. I, of course, didn't because she's loud. And she was hungry. Lethal combo I tell you.

Voting is such an odd experience. That walk from the sign-in table to the polls is long. And quiet. It reminded me of being a little girl in the school auditorium. It was like the honor roll ceremony where you have to stand up and walk all the way to the stage in front of the entire kindergarten class. Praying silently that you don't fall only to hear your FATHER yell from the parent area, "Whoo-ooo, Stephanie loves Ross!" Y'all, I am not lying. That is completely awful. Can y'all even imagine how embarrassed I was??!! Embarrassed that now Ross knew I did indeed love him. Embarrassed that the rest of the kindergarten class knew I loved him. Embarrassed that my dad was so lame he felt the need to announce that to the whole class. Embarrassed at his level of maturity. Just embarrassed. Y'all, it was wrong on all levels. Can you tell I am still dealing with this? I got so upset thinking about it earlier I had to call my mom. She pulled Dr. Deal With Your Emotions and told me to write a letter to him. I didn't. I am blogging instead.

So...back to the monumental election. It's here. My stomach is kinda in knots. The entire Houston-area must have ordered pizza tonight because it was a 2-1/2 hour wait. Jimmy picked it up. So...we are now eating our pizza, watching the tv, and praying. My sis is here though. It makes it a little more exciting. She's funny. And young. I love her.

Palin-McCain '08!!!



kristyo15 said...

I'm with ya on the Nobama...however, it is looking pretty scary. All we can do is pray that Barack HUSSEIN Obama does not become the next leader of our free world...that still baffles me that this might happen! Enjoy the pizza!

Amanda said...

I echo your mama on the letter thing. Love you!

Erin said...

kind of a sad day today isn't it? And I gasped when I read about Ross...I would have died. poor kindergarten sptephanie :)

A Writer's World-Melissa Williams said...

I'm right there with you! Great conversation today too, it is scary, and I feel like we need to start handing out the constitution, just to give the world a little reminder about what we were actually founded on. Obviously some have not read it lately.