Friday, December 12, 2008

lazy update

I have been called out on my lack of blogging. I have no new excuse so I won't even try. I will tell you that I am laying on the couch with a headache so spelling, grammar, and capslock for that matter are out the window! awesome.

i am just going to do a quick post but i PROMISE to post on monday in participation with Boo Mama's Tour of Christmas Homes!

For now, a recap...

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. It was spent in good ole Mississippi. We switch off our holidays so this year we went to Nana's house for Turkey Day and will spend Christmas here. As always, the trip passed to quickly. The kids had a blast, they are just crazy about their Nana and PawPaw.

And again, because i am too tired and my head hurts too bad, i will be now sending you to my mother's blog if you'd like to see pictures. there are some cute ones.

if that doesn't satisfy your van-fam photo update, you can also check out another post by my dear mother. it's on the pure goofiness of our family. she ain't lyin'. poor jimmy...i think somedays he seriously wonders what he got himself into but at least he knows that i get it honestly. and...his family ain't all that sane either. seriously.

that's all i got for now in pictures. it's friday night. i am so glad it's the weekend. i have a lot of sewing to get done. this whole sewing thing has really taken off. seriously. (has anyone notice how much i use that word? it's probably the most used word in my vocab - seriously.) right now i have 4 PJ sets and 2 pillowcase dresses to complete for a friend, 6 PJ sets for an etsy order, plus a shirt dress, a pj set, 2 appliqued T's and a skirt/shirt set all for Christmas gifts, and then a FUN girly outfit and 4 PJ sets for my family for Christmas. Oh, and in case y'all haven't heard, there are only 12 more days until christmas. awesome.

tomorrow we have a borthday party for one of JD's friends, which reminds me, i need to finish her birthday gift as well. my mom came over the other night and asked if the kids could spend saturday night with them. ummm....twist my arm please. i of course could never deny grandparents there right to see their grandchildren, so we will be kidless tomorrow evening. we have some dinner Christmas party to attend at the club and then we'll probably go out with the crew. i am in need of some country music and dancing. but i can hear the guys groan already, so it will probably be darts. again.

i'm done for the night but do check back monday for the Christmas Tour of Homes! it's sure to be fun! even though i am less than impresses with my Christmas decor this year. oh well...maybe i'll get some new stuff after Christmas when it's all 70%off.





God is Great. Wish you peace.

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