Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas Survey

Because I am feeling like an overachiever and all...a Christmas Survey if you will.

1. Fresh Tree/Fake Tree? - FRESH! I love getting a fresh tree and I am really glad I married someone that loves fresh trees as well. That could have been a real problem. Not a deal breaker but a serious problem every 11 months.

2. Favorite Ornament - Goodness. I LOVE all my ornaments. There are only a couple on my tree that aren't special. One of my favorite traditions is my Nana giving us ornaments every year. Those are so special and I love getting them out every year. I also love the homemade ones I have gotten the last couple of years with JD's picture from school.

3. Favorite Christmas Song - I LOVE Christmas songs. I have a couple - "Walking in a Winter Wonderland", The Christmas Song, and Let it Snow!!

4. Favorite Tradition - See number 2. I look so forward to those ornaments every year. We have gotten them for as long as I can remember and I had so much fun telling JD about them this year. I also love picking out the tree. And driving through Prestonwood to look at lights. I also like our new tradition of opening gifts on Christmas Eve and them being our PJ's for Christmas morning, This year they will all be matching Christmas PJ's - I love Jimmy for doing this with us! Last night JD and I made those home-made Cinnamon, Nutmeg, ground clove, and ginger ornaments you bake for an hour. He has SOOOO much fun making them and then painting them. We made a gingerbread girl and boy that were JD and MacKenize and he thought that was the coolest thing ever. I can see that being something we do for years to come.

5. Favorite Gift Ever Received - When I was younger it was definetly my keyboard. I remember being so excited about it. In recent years...anything that was a SURPRISE since I usually pick out my own gift.

6. Favorite Christmas Meal - The usualy, ham (I prefer honeybaked ham over turkey), greasy bacon-filled green beans, dressing, giblet gravy and mashed potatos, sweet potato casserole, and dessert!

7. Favorite Christmas Cookie - Hmmm....I don't have one.

8. Favorite Place to be - The BIG OB! Nana and PawPaw's house hands down with all the family. There is no place on earth like Christmas at Nana's. It's seriously like a Winter Wonderland. She has a Christmas Tree in every room (all 4 bedrooms, all 4 bathrooms, the laundry room and pantry, the formal living, dining, sunroom, kitchen, and sitting room) - it's insane!!! I hope her mansion in heaven is the exact same way at Christmas.

9. Favorite Memory - Goodness, there are so many. I can remember being little and so excited after opening presents on Christmas morning and all I wanted to do outside and see what my best friend Ashley across the street got and ride our new bikes or rollerblades together. I remember the year she got her Red Jeep and how cool it was!! Another neat memory was the Christmas we spent in Hawaii. I went with Jimmy and his family to Hawaii for 2 weeks over Christmas while his sister and brother-in-law lived there. It was crazy being able to go to the beach after opening gifts!

10. Favorite Christmas Movie - I love them all! Home Alone was probably one of the funniest! I am really wanting to see Four Christmas's this year though!!

There you go...Merry Christmas!



Sarah said...

I love these little "get to know you" surveys...I just might have to take this one and pass it along.

Kim ~ "Mama G" said...

OK, Christmas is over. New Year is well underway but you are keeping all of us in the dark with what's going on in your world. i miss the updates and YOUR WRITING and the pics.
I love you Sweet Pea. Mama