Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Crunch Time

Dang...what's with the lack in blogging?! Maybe it's all the party planning...or sewing...or both?! Yowza! I have been busy.

Last weekend I got to leave town. I went to the beautiful ATX with some of the mom's in my playgroup. They are some seriously great ladies and it was a much needed trip. I left Friday evening and returned home Sunday afternoon. It was fun y'all. We relaxed, shopped, soaked up some rays, ate, drank, and danced! It was a serious good time. I have been completely blessed to meet some wonderful ladies through this playgroup and I had so much fun relaxing and being women, not moms, together!!

I returned home Sunday and picked MacKenzie up from my moms. Jimmy went to the Texans game and the kids went to the parentals. My mom took MacKenzie for a few hours and JD went with FuFu and Aylie's family to the Renissance festival. He had a great time from what I can tell. He got a wooden sword and his face painted. Would you like to guess what he chose for his face? A butterfly. Daddy was really thrilled to see this. The professional face painter did try to make it as manly as possible - it was more of a moth than a butterfly. Awesome.

We are now in crunch time. We have a very busy week this week! Tomorrow Jimmy and I have a counseling appt with my mom (insert need of prayers here). Wednesday night we are eating at Jimmy's sisters house. Thursday JD has school, then he's going bowling with daddy for a bit, and then Nana and PawPaw will be in town. Friday I am hosting a home birthday playdate for MacKenzie. Friday night we will enjoy Nana and PawPaw being in town. Saturday we have our company picnic. Sunday is the BIG day - MacKenzie's 1st birthday party. Somewhere during this time I have 3 outfits to finish, food to buy, and breaths to take. Sounds fun I know.

On a very good note - I had a housekeeper come today. She rocked. I can't wait to see her again in 2 weeks!!

Peace...mama needs some sleep!



Erin said...

Wowza...I'm worn out for you sister!!!!!!!!!

A Writer's World-Melissa Williams said...

Busy Bee! I wish I could have made MacKenzie's Birthday, but believe me, none of you need this cold I caught! :O( I want to see pictures.

Rachel Lee Broussard said...

hey gir, I hope y'all had a great time at the birthday! I can't wait to see the pictures. xoxoxo

I am Trish Marie said...

Oh please. The professional moms know how to do ALL of that all without ever stopping to breathe!

I hope your week goes smoothly!