Friday, April 18, 2008

Snakes and Slimy-Slicks!

So my lack of posting is not because I have been having way too much fun to post. No, not at all. I was actually on blogging-probation. I had to ground myself from my computer so that I could get my spring cleaning done. I am done so now I can blog. Goodness, I never realized how exciting my life is.

With all the excitement that's gone in the last week you think I'd have more to blog about. Sadly no.

JD woke up in the middle of the night the other night screaming. He's a very heavy dreamer (just like his mama). He was having a bad dream about snakes. Normally Jimmy handles mid-night JD wakings since I handle Kenzie-wakings. It's that whole Jimmy not being able to nurse issue. That being said, Jimmy had the stomach flu and was banned from the bedroom. I tried to get him to check into a motel because I really didn't want to get sick. But no. So he slept in the guestroom. Anyways, I went in JD's room to check on him and to calm him down. I could tell from his cry that it was more than "I woke up alone." When I got in there he was sitting up staring at the wall and carrying on about the snake. He was pointing at it and carrying on like crazy. I finally convinced him he was dreaming and we laid down. Not 5 minutes later he sprung right back up and started carrying on again, this time the snake was by the window. It sounds funny, but so wasn't. It was heart wrenching because you could hear the fear in his voice. At this point I told him we'd go sleep in my bed because I could tell it was gonna take some time to fall back asleep and really, my bed is so much comfier! So, he got up and started walking out of the room but he would not take his eyes off the window. It was so sad. Poor guy. I can't even think of a time that he was really around a snake. The only snake he really ever sees is "No Feet" from Little Bear. And No Feet is no scary!

JD is also very funny. Yesterday evening he was sitting on the couch talking to me when Max hopped up there. He said, "MAX - get down! Your breath stinks!"

Oh, and does anyone know what "slimy-slicks" are? Apparently that is preschooler talk for something. He always tells us Max has "slimy slicks" and then points to his feet. We haven't quite decoded this...

Well. Have a happy weekend. We are going out on the boat tomorrow and I CAN NOT WAIT! It's suppose to be 83 in Somerville! Tomorrow will be my first time to wakeboard in almost 2 years!! Whoo-hoo...cheers to not being pregnant this summer!!!


chelsburleson said...

hi friend! wanted to tell you that i'm officially a blogger :) your stories are just so funny...i love reading them. slimy-slicks? haaha, no idea. ok well take care sis!

Anonymous said...

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Melissa said...

Oh poor JD! I used to have dreams about snakes all over my bedroom floor when I was a kid! I wonder what that is all about, anyway. I was terrified... I still remember these dreams.

Um, can I just say, I literally laughed out loud when I read what JD said to Max about his breath. I don't know, that just got me for some reason. It was a hard laugh too!

I love reading about JD so much! I love it!