Saturday, April 05, 2008

A Little of This, A Little of That...

We've got a new layout working, whoo-hoo! Thank you Jennifer with Apple Blossom Prints (do check out the gallery page - yes, that is our little angel baby)!!! I am so excited about it and maybe it will inspire more blogging, though I have done better. At the expense of my husband of course who is presently huffing and puffing down stairs because he wants to watch something we've DVR'd and he's waiting on me.

JD is still fighting this nasty cold/sinusitis/evilness. After running a fever for several days with no other symptoms, he finally started acting sick last weekend. I took him in on Monday to find out he had a terrible sinus infection. He started antibiotics that night and has been feeling much better all week. Until today. He took an extremely long nap this afternoon which is very rare (he only naps at MDO) and when he woke I went over to love on him and he was on fire. He's been pretty blah ever since! Please pray that we can kick this for good!!!

Yesterday was my wonderful mommy's birthday! We surprised her with dinner at a wonderful new sushi restaurant off of Louetta/249 - Koi's. It was wonderful! Mom and Pa Tim eat there several times a week and previously ate at Kobe (the other one this family owns) so they are very good friends with Karen, the owner. She had a private little table set up in a side room with decorations and balloons. It was so cute. And DELICIOUS!!! We got mom a adorable bench with a big star on it (purchased from the wonderful HEB we shop at) and JD gave her flowers. She lucked out, she almost ended up with safety goggles...

Me: "JD, tomorrow is KK's birthday. What present do you want to get her?"
JD: " goggles!"
Me: "Safety goggles? Really?"
JD: "Yes, because KK was hammerin' that nail in the bathroom and didn't have no safety goggles!"
Me: Laughing "Ok, safety goggles!"
JD: "It's okay mama, she can use mine!"

He's a hoot!!!

One last thing. This morning Jimmy and I shared a first in our 3-1/2 years of marriage (8 years of being together this May! WOW) this morning. We went garage sale-ing! YES, it was our first time and most definitely not our last!! It was our community wide garage sale this morning and we were out the door at 6:50! We grabbed kolaches and coffee and then hit the sales! It was a blast! BIG THANKS to Aunt Shannie for spending the night last night and getting up with the kiddos this morning! So, we made out for it being our first time! I have to share our great finds....

a spreader for the yard (for weed-n-feed, fertilizer, etc)
a floormate (yea, my hardwood loves me now)
a doggy gate (to keep the dogs downstairs at night)
a playmat for Kenzie (with a ton of super cool things hanging from it)
a ESPN t-ball stand (the one we had was WORN OUT and JD LOVES IT)
a lawn mower (I will take a picture when Jimmy actually mows the lawn)
2 "gamer" chairs for the media room
a BRAND NEW, never opened in the box train table w/ drawers and train set w/ all the pieces!!

for a grand total of......drum roll please......$140!!!

Tomorrow we were suppose to go to the lake, but Jimmy didn't make it to the shop today before they closed to pick the boat up. =( I am a little bummed because it's suppose to be gorgeous. If JD wakes up feeling well we are thinking of making a trip to Galveston and either going to the beach or to Schlitterbaum. We shall see....

I better go check on my husband and watch something before he really starts to pout!

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Amy said...

:-) You always put a smile on my face with the Van Fam recaps.