Sunday, April 06, 2008

A Short Survey

5 things I was doing 10 years ago - Spring of 1998
1. Making the high school cheerleading squad!!
2. Starring in a theatre arts play
3. Totally loving my first year of high school!
4. Hanging out with new people that came from different junior highs!
5. Loving the sea of older guys...LOL...

Five things on my to-do list today (we'll go with tomorrow since its nighttime)
2. Park Playdate at 11:30 with playgroup
3. Spring Cleaning this house!
4. Start hanging MacKenzie's border hopefully (it just came in finally!)
5. JD's "Sport Skills Prep" class tomorrow at 5:30 at The Little Gym (more on this soon)

Five snacks I enjoy
1. HEB Brand Mozzarella sticks
2. Rolos
3. Santa Fe Trail Mix
4. Salsa & Chips
5. Pepperoni

Five things I would do if I were a billionaire
1. Donate more to charities, perferably animal shelters (we already donate to St. Jude and TCH)
2. Buy a new car
3. Pay off debt and buy a new house on a piece of land
4. Buy a lake house on Lake Travis
5. Tithe More

Five of my bad habits
1. Staying up too late (mine too Amanda)
2. Wasting time on the computer! (YES! Mine too)
3. Taking on too much responsibilty at once
4. Putting people on hold for extended amounts of time!
5. Not wokring out enough

Five places I have lived
1. Parents House
2. Apartment with Laura
3. Apartment with Nicole and Laura
4. Our first house in Barwood
5. This house! Yea!

Five jobs I’ve had
1. Receptionist at Courtesy Driving School
2. Receptionist for AllTech Temp
3. Receptionist at Toni&Guy
4. Inspector, Admin, Lien Advisor (currently still doing this) for VanMor Properties
5. Mommy to 2 beautiful children!!!

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