Saturday, March 15, 2008

Little Tears...

I sit here this morning after just watching my sweet JD cry his eyes out! Nana and PawPaw have been here for a few days and had to leave this morning. Let me tell you one thing...that boy LOVES his Nana and PawPaw. There aren't words to describe how much he loves those two. He literally follows Nana from room to room when she is here (yes, he even tried to get in the shower with her this morning before being dragged out of there). Of course, she drops everything she's doing for him as well. They have a very (VERY) special bond. He loves his PawPaw as well. While PawPaw was here he learned, "Uh-Oh, Pa-ss-gah-ti-o's!" He is just crazy about both of them and was not ready for them to leave. It's really hard for me to watch because I feel the same way everytime we part and can remember literally having to be pulled off of my Nana's neck in order to leave. It's only appropriate that JD have the same type of relationship with them that I have. I can only pray MacKenzie will as well, and that God gives us another 20 years with both of them! It took about ten minutes to calm him down and even then he kept going back to the window to look for their car. I think this is the first time he realized that they were leaving and we wouldn't see them again for a little while. We have been truly blessed the last few years to only have to go 2-3 months between visits. This of course is because Nana can't go longer than that without a JD fix. They will be back down end of May for Shannon's graduation and Nana plans to stay a couple of weeks! YEA!!

While here we got a ton of decorating accomplished and now that the downstairs is mostly done I will share pictures soon. Let me get it good and clean tomorrow and I will post early next week!! Nana has such incredible talent when it comes to decorating and was really able to pull it all together. Hopefully when she's down in May we can start on the upstairs!!!

MacKenzie is changing drastically right now. She has turned into such a happy little thing and I was sooo glad they got to see her! The last two times they visited with her she was still very colicky and miserable. She is such a sweet and content little thing now, they both just gobbled it up!! She also had her first bite of cereal yesterday. And she LOVED it!! I was trying to keep her solely on breastmilk until 6 months but I could tell she was wanting more. We couldn't even eat dinner holding her anymore because she would reach for everything in her grasp. I felt so sorry for her that I gave her cereal yesteday afternoon and I have never seen anyone so excited. She cried in between every bit and would grab the spoon and shove it in her mouth as soon as it got near her. It's so funny how different she is from JD at almost 5 months. I feel she is much more advanced than he was at that age!! She's such a joy...

Well, I have a lot more to say but better run. We have a friend's wedding tonight and I need to get my toes and nails done! Saturday at a nail salon...NOT y idea of a good time!

One more thing...PRAISE GOD - PRECIOUS COY IS HOME!!! AMEN!!!!

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Melissa said...

Ahhh, I'm glad to hear you had such a great time with your family in your new home! I can't wait to see what it looks like now! I had such a great visit with you! Poor little JD...I can see him crying at the window! He is such a sweet, affectionate little guy! Oh, did you get a chance to look at Rooms to Go?