Saturday, March 29, 2008

Picture Post Installment #1

So I cleaned off my camera yesterday and came across some great pictures from the last month. Although I do have a ton to blog about, you know because being in the hospital is so interesting and all, but I'll save them. Therefore...promising a return to full time blogging. At least an honest try.

So, here's our last month in pictures. However, it's really backwards in pictures. Like the first one is the most recent. The rest....never mind. Enjoy!

My Sweet Baby Girl is 5 months old! This I can NOT believe. It seems like just yesterday we were fighting the battle of colic and walking around like zombies. Those were the hardest days and I don't wish colic on anyone. Now that we are past that, she is the most delightful baby. She's really starting to take to her daddy as well! This is so fun to watch since she literally despised him for quite some time! She's smiling, cooing, a laugh here and there, and just recently learned to roll over. Recently as in 5:00 this morning. She was not happy in her crib on her back. Yes, for the record, my daughter sleeps on her belly. Deal with colic and then talk to me.

My Blue-Eyed Princess

We can almost situp...

We are very fashion forward

And we sure love our brother!

A few pictures in an Easter outfit. This is from our playgroup Easter Party...

A TRUE Kenzie face...

The single-handed best thing about Houston is the Livestock Show and Rodeo. We took JD this year as always and here are some pictures. I have to tell you all that are working on Baby #2 or just had Baby #2. It gets easier...I promise that you will eventually be able to leave your house with both and have relatively sane time out. My advice would be surround yourself with good mommy-friends because it makes any adventure out so much easier!!
Bull-Riding is not for the weak at heart...

As JD said, "Ohhh Momma, look at that BIG weeeheeel!

I think he was born for this...

JD had a small obsession with this goat. It's the "mommy" goat!

And this is the baby goat. We know this because the baby goat was drinking the mommy goat's ninny. The rest of the petting zoo knows this as well because JD announced to everyone "That baby's drinkin' his mama's milk like Kenzie drinks my mama's milk!"

And here's our tired cowboy on the way home.

That's it for now. I am having quite the time with photobucket so I've been uploading through blogger. Which isn't very user friendly! Any tips? Am I the only one having issues with photobucket all of a sudden? (I can resize and rotate all I want, it keeps showing up on here and huge and sideways. What gives?) I'll share more soon!!!


Amy said...

I LOVE THE PICS !! Is it possible for your kiddos to be any cuter??

Aimee' Lynn said...

Awww, your kiddos are gorgeous!!

Tammie said...

I tagged you!!! Go to my blog to see what's up!