Tuesday, March 25, 2008

It's a Pimple...It's an Ingrown Hair...It's...

I am sure the three people that read this blog are wondering where in the world my Happy Easter post is. I wish I can say we were still recovering from our sugar-induced comas, but no...sadly, not at all. No, my Easter (which I have looked so forward too because really...is their anything more precious than baby girl Easter dresses?) was one for the books. And again, not because we had the world's best Easter egg hunt either. No, I spent Sunday lying in bed all day. At the hospital. Matter of fact, I am still lying in bed. At the hospital.

Friday night when I should have been singing my heart out to Pat Green's "Take Me to the Dance Hall" I was instead on my way to the ER. I woke up Friday morning with a rather swollen eye that I assumed was a really bad pimple. Or ingrown hair. Or anything not that serious. Several hours later that included a playgroup Easter Party of 20+ and debating back and forth as to whether or not I should take my growing mass of a forehead out in public I was on my way to the rodeo in a stretch Hummer Limo with good friends. Wearing a hat might I add. The first half was great and included the BEST tamale pie ever. For those of you who have never had the pure pleasure of eating at the wonderfully delicious Alamo Tamale I will describe a Tamale Pie to you (afterall this has been the highlight of this past week). It's consists of 4 (or 6 if you opt for the large - I did) fresh out of the husks homemade tamales smotherd in melted cheese and the best chili. Tamale Pie. Delicioso! Oh, and only $4.00 might I add. So, 6 tamales and $25 in carnival tickets later (we were those crazy people carrying around the lifesize scooby-doo, basketball, and 2 monkeys - Jimmy was so excited about surprising JD with Scooby - his FAV right now) I was a wee bit miserable. After crying and figuring out how we were gonna get home (remember we rode in the limo) we were on our way out the door. Instead of going home we stopped off at the ER because I knew there would be no sleeping by this point. The area between my eyeballs resembled a golf ball and my eye was swelling more and more.

The ER was thankfully not too busy so we got in quick. Which was good b/c I was in tears. They took a look, gave me a shot in the swollen mass (made any labor pains I experienced feel like a massage), and shot my rear up with 3 additional shots (antibiotic, morphine, and zorfran). They sent me home with prescriptions and instructions to come back if it worsened. I climbed into bed and fell fast asleep. My wonderful husband got all my prescriptions filled and cared for the kids all night. He even woke me every 6 hours to take more pain meds.

I woke up Saturday feeling great and expecting my face to look the same. Unfortunately No. It was a MILLION times worse. So...yes, I ended up back in the hospital and sit here typing away 4 days later.

I have a horrible Staph infection. It's taken days of brutal antibiotics - Vancomycin and Clendynmicen (sp?) - to clear it up. I am praying I get out of here tomorrow. The area where the infection started has still looked awful but is finally looking a bit better this evening, so maybe. Hopefully. I have never been through such an ordeal in my life. Apparently this Vancomycin is no joke. It first caused me to have a major reaction (a side effect not an allergic reaction) where my head felt like a thousand fire ants were attacking it as if it was a chocolate cupcake. It took a lot of Benadryl and a change in dosing time to fix this. It has since collapsed 2 of my veins, which means I am on IV number 3 and caused some craziness in my circulation so that they could no longer take blood from my arm but now have to take it from my hand. Did I mention I've had my blood drawn 8 times? Awesome. So pretty much...my arms are raising more eyebrows than my face!

So...as you can imagine, I am SO sick of this hospital room, bed, and tv. I miss my kids like crazy. I can't wait to hold the both of them. I have missed nursing MacKenzie like crazy and I am pumping nonstop because my milk supply has dropped dramatically. So, please pray that I am out of here as soon as possible and that God provides me with total healing.


Amanda said...

Oh my gosh, Steph! That is awful! Can I do anything for you? Email me if I can.

Aimee' Lynn said...

I'm praying for a fast healing and for you to be pain free!! Hang in there girl!

The Hulett Family said...

You already know this, but I'm praying for you. I hope you get to go home soon so you can hold and love on those beautiful babies of yours!

The Silva's said...

PRaying for you, hope you are feeling better and you get some much needed time with the kiddos!!!