Monday, February 05, 2007

TGFPD - Thank Goodness for Play Dates

...and TGFS (Thank Goodness for Sunshine) for that matter!

Praise HIM, it's another sunny day in Houston. We have now seen the sun 3 days in a row, which might sound like no big deal to anyone living in San Diego, but we've had some awful weather the last month. I was so excited this morning I almost threw on last year's bathing suit and layed out!!

Today was our second play date with out NW play group. JD and I belong to two different play groups - The NW Play Group and the JV, Bear Creek, and Copperfield Play Group. We love them both so much and it is sooooo nice to visit with other mommies during the day.

Today's date was at Mercer Aboretum. It's a beautiful park, botanical garden, library, and outdoor classroom in Humble. It's a bit of a drive for us, but so worth it. JD had a blast and has turned into quite the monkey!!

I am just so glad to have met these ladies and to have a place to spend our days that JD is not in MDO. I know he loves getting out of the house as well. Anyone looking for a playgroup should checkout for some in your area. It's a great website and has a lot to offer!

Also...keep us in your prayers and especially my "control issues". I'm kinda getting frusterated with this whole house-selling business. It's frusterating waiting for a buyer and even more frusterating looking for the perfect house. I'm trying so hard to sit back and let whatever happens happen...but I want to move soon!!! Anyways...just keep us in mind, we are both so ready to start packing!

Better sign off...I have a bible study to do before JD wakes up!

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