Monday, December 11, 2006

My Dislikes...

Yes...I realize this is my 3rd post in one day, but now I'm venting....

I've had a rough few days...I'm tired and grumpy...someone has replaced my sweet boy with a I go...

I dislike:

- sippy cups - I realize that every mom who raised kids prior to 1993 is booing me but I'm sorry, sippy cups are NOT suppose to leak. They are suppose to save your carpet and furniture from apple juice! I used to believe this at one time. I even remember having a conversation with another mommy friend (I know...the joys of motherhood conversations) about sippy cups. She was complaining about them leaking and I'm thinking to myself that apparently you aren't buying the right kind because mine never leak. Ha - 2 new couch stains, one ottoman stain, 2 chair stains, and 2 carpet stains later - THEY LEAK!!! If yours don't now, give it a week!!!

- grocery shopping (with JD) - Like I mentioned before, my sweet, take-anywhere, happy-go-lucky, baby boy has disappeared and been replaced with a sweet (sometimes), take to the park ONLY, happy to whiny in 3 seconds toddler!!! I made it through a third of my shopping trip when JD became everything I'd ever read about toddlers in grocery stores. He wanted everything in sight (hotdogs, apples - which he won't swallow, only chews then spits out, cereal, waffles, biscuits) and voiced this to the entire store. I was that mom getting those awful stares!!

- old food in the fridge - I know this is a given, but I could handle old food before being preggo but not now. After emptying an old (by old I mean OLD) container of guacamole I proceeded to puke up my entire subway-like (I made it and it was delicious) sandwich and 20 puff cheetos in the kitchen sink. All the meanwhile Jimmy watching me. When I finished he had the nerve to say, "Next time why don't you just have me do that" NEXT TIME...are you kidding me???

- sales people in parking lots - I am loading enough food to feed a small army into the back of my car, JD is now eating a sticker that the checker gave him, my phone is ringing, and it's starting to sprinkle and this guy comes up to me trying to sell some window decorations. After I've loaded nearly all my groceries he offers to help. I smile and say I can manage the last two, thanks. He contines with his speech. I know it was a fund-raiser of some sorts, but seriously...don't they teach you who to approach and who not to. A mother with groceries and a child eating stickers in the rain is probably not the best choice!

- my water fountain - We have one of those water tanks that you put the five gallon water bottles on. I LOVE the water and drink a lot of it. However, I am not the only one. JD has taken a liking to the water tank as well. He likes it so much that he fills anything that will hold water up. Jimmy asked me earlier today, "Why are there 3 cups of water in the fridge?" I explained that I refuse to throw away the water NOT because it's expensive but because it takes him a week to get the bottle refilled and that JD keeps filling different containers up. In the last 24 hours I have found the following full of water: a LARGE cup, the dogs bowl, a lego, a bath toy, a decorative Christmas box, a flipflop (I'm not sure where he was going with that) and the top to a marker. As funny as this may's quite messy!!!

Even though he's a can you not love this face??
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Uh-oh...I better hide!
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