Monday, December 18, 2006

and this too shall pass...

So I am happy to report that JD's mood has improved. I'm telling you what, last week was ROUGH! Like tackle football with no pads rough!! I even found myself second guessing if I could handle another baby! I know...shame on me. Thursday night JD woke up (again) and I cried!! Jimmy woke up quick and asked me what was wrong...I screamed "I'm a bad mother!! I'm so awful, I can't even go in there and look at JD's face right now. I'm sooo tired the thought of even having to hold him makes me want to scream!!!" Of course, this is after JD didn't (wouldn't-refused) to go to bed until after 11:00 (3 hours past our normal bed time) only to wake up 4 hours later! Luckily, my wonderful husband got up with him and I slept. Well, after I too had to get up and eat myself a hot pocket because after listening to him cry for 10 minutes I was starving! How many more months do I have left???

Friday night was our annual Christmas party. It was a blast as usual. We had about 40 guests and after dinner (ham, turkey, dressing, green beans, purple hull peas, rolls, sweet potatos, etc - all the trmmings) we had a gift exchange!!! There are few things funnier than watching a bunch of guys (there were a few more guys than girls) get all riled up over a few Christmas gifts!!

Saturday night my beautiful, wonderful, most-important-woman in my life, mother took JD for the evening! What a treat!! Jimmy had all these plans to go to dinner and see a movie, but instead we oredered take out and watched a movie at home. It was more than wonderful! Thank you mama...I needed it!!!

So here we are...7 days away from Christmas and I can't wait! I'm just so excited to see JD open his gifts this year!! He's got several I know he'll love!! The best being the golf clubs Jimmy bought him. They are a real set of clubs in a real, looks-like-daddy's bag!! I'm blessed to have a husband who can't wait to share his passion for golf with his son!! He's already made plans to take him out to the range to hit balls. After all, Phil Mickelson began hitting balls on the range when he was 2 years old, or so Jimmy says!! All I can think is...a few hours of sanity for myself!!

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