Thursday, March 12, 2009

His Language

Hands down, one of the best things about listening to your kids learn how to talk is the way they mis-pronounce words. Though in time they need to be corrected, there are just some things that sound cuter mis-pronounced. These are words I know we will miss down the road. Words that when corrected are a reminder at just how much they are growing. Words that will be missed years from now...some I have blonged about previously, others I have not...

JD calls his swingset in the backyard his "Fork"

Instead of saying he is going to cut something, he says, "I am going to shark it!"

He's always called the phone a "phung"

Hopscotch is pronounced "hotchcock"

He refers to the closet in his room as his "clothes pantry"

He says he's going to "base the ball" instead of hit the ball.

Just this evening I gave Kenz a sip out of JD's straw and after I handed it back to him he wiped the straw clean (he WILL NOT drink after anyone) and said, "Oh. I have to get off all of Kenzie's 'dreams'."

We laugh because JD speaks with this funny accent at times. Not's just the way he pronounces certain words. He doesn't say "need" with a N, he says "yeed" with a Y.

I have always called JD my "Snuggle Bug" but sometimes he gets confused and says "chicken hug" instead.

It's just so dang cute. All of it. I wish I could bottle it all up and save it for later. What really makes me laugh is how he things Ming-Ming from the Wonder Pets talks so funny.

Oh, and while I am talking about JD...Just letting you all know...if you happen to see my kid and while seeing him you happen to notice how disguntingly long his toenails are, before judging me let me assure you that I have attempted NUMEROUS times since his birthday to cut them but he starts screaming and getting all upset about it. Why you ask??? He is trying to grow them out. You know, like a squirrel (or a bear depending on his mood). So he can climb a tree. Why else?



Sarah said...

So so cute Steph! Hotchcock is my favorite, I think.
I have been writing down all the funny sayings of Jacob's lately and have been meaning to get a blog post up about them (I did one, now I have more to write on) - so you have inspired me to get my act in gear. Hopefully by this weekend.

Little Bit said...

Oh man, your boy and mine (well the older one) are going to be trouble... lol. I think they are able to get away with saying things like "hotchcock" because they are so dang cute.... lol. that's great... you so just got me into the mood to post about Hank's language or

I am Trish Marie said...

Those made me laugh.

A "bottle" which is really any cup, is a "bottom." And when she asks for a "bottom," she expects you to get her milk. No other drink is acceptable at that time.

Amanda said...

This is the funniest post ever!

August said...

I always love when you share JD's language with us! It is so funny! Melissa and I read it together and couldn't help but laugh! I think my personal favorite is "Hotch-cock"!