Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Van-Fam #2

My FAV for the week is - Patty Cakes!!

Cakes, cakes, and more cakes! A dear friend of mine just recently went into the cake business. This was after telling her for the last 6 months that her cakes are too good to keep hidden!! She makes the most gorgeous cakes I have ever seen and they taste 10x better than they look (yes, even better than RJ Goodies - much better actually)! I can't tell you enough good things not only about the cakes, but the mommy who makes the cakes. She puts sooo much time and energy into each one and they are almost too pretty to cut into...unless you have had one before, then you know they are well worth the cut!!! She's also affectionately called the "cupcake lady" by all of the kiddos in our playgroup because she brings cupcakes to our bi-monthly home play dates! We are so blessed by them!

If you are in the Houston area, I HIGHLY suggest giving her a call (or email, or comment) the next time you are in need of one. She has done 3 for me so far (on the site above...the "pickles & ice cream" one (baby shower), the pink and brown polka-dot one (baby shower) with the baby on top, and the Texas-shaped one (JD's birthday cake - see the J-D and 3)! I love them all! She's doing 2 more for me at the end of May for my sister & brother's graduation a party (flip-flop and a Texas Tech one). I can't wait to see what she comes up with next!!

So that's the Van-Fam pick this week!!! Patty Cakes - check out the blog and pictures and order a cake (or cupcakes) from her next time you need one...you won't be disappointed!!


Amy said...

I have to agree with you 100%...The cakes are YUMM-O !!!

Aimee' Lynn said...

Aww, her cakes are so adorable! I'm throwing a bridal shower this weekend, wish I woulda know about her sooner!

kris said...

thank you steph! just got to reading the blog and van-fam favs!! you're the best!!! i love making these cakes for friends and seing y'all smile - makes it all worth while! look forward to making many more cakes and cupcakes for you, jd, kenzie (and the leftovers for jimmy!!) in the future!! kris - the pattycakes girl