Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Life with Two

It's 5:02 p.m. and well...I am still in my pajamas. What makes this worse is they are my pajamas from Sunday night. I'll save you from doing the math, I have not taken a shower since Sunday afternoon. I just panicked for a second when I typed that thinking it was already Wednesday. I had to double check my calendar because I am not too proud to admit going 2 full days without a shower, but would never admit to three. I wish I could at least tell you they are cute matching pajamas, but no. That would be too good. I'm working some very comfy striped VS pants that stretch out in the rear with every passing moment, so yes...it looks as good from the back as the front. Top that off with a white camisole dotted with a few mysterious stains and an ugly black nursing bra (as if there are pretty ones). Oh, and if you could get close enough to smell me, I'm sure you'd get a faint scent of eau de spit up.

That my friends...is life with 2.

Just to let you know...I like the ugly news first. I'm one of those, bring me down but please bring me right back up kind. I can handle the bad news as long as there is some good news to follow. Praise HIM, there's always good news with our Lord.

Needless to say I am a wee bit tired. I have taken two naps today. This was of course at the expense of my house. Not only because I should have been cleaning but because with each minute I "rest my eyes" I can guarantee you my son is messing something else up. So as soon as I stop procrastinating on here I will be cleaning sugar from the kitchen floor and washing out the dogs bowls. I also have a roll of toilet paper to re-wind (we are not too good to reuse, at least for a snotty 2 year olds nose) and batteries to replace in the remote (JD's newest addiction). Sleep is the first thing you can kiss good bye with baby #2. Unless you are one of the blessed ones who's first child still naps. Actually, if your first still naps then I advise getting on the baby train ASAP.

Getting anywhere on time (especially MDO) is something of the past. Apparently I missed this section in the baby #2 child books. I despise being late. So much that I am kindly referred to as the Time Nazi. I even handed out an itinerary to my bridesmaids for my wedding day, which I now realize may have been a bit extreme. But being on time no longer happens. It's hard enough to get myself and JD ready and out at the door. Throw a nursing 6 week old into the mix and you've got yourself a challenge. Our mornings (or anytime we are leaving and I have to really get dressed) go something like this, I shower (or don't) and then do my face, dry my hair, and straighten it if I am lucky. I then chase JD around the house, finally promising him something very fun that day in order to get him out of his "jamas" and into normal clothes. All the while I am quietly praying that MacKenzie sleeps through it all so that we can accomplish this in a timely fashion. After the two of us are ready I contemplate waking her or just letting her go wherever in her sleeper so that I don't have to deal with an unhappy baby who does not want to get dressed, or get in her carseat and expects to nurse since she's awake even though we did this right before that shower (or lack of). I of course usually end up waking her and getting her dressed because after all she is my sweet baby girl and the adorable baby outfit is a must and you never know who we'll run into that still hasn't seen her. So...2 hours (after the maybe shower) later we are finally in the car, running late, but in the car.

The whole evening experience is...well, just that, an experience. Many thanks to my playgroups for providing food those first few weeks, and MANY more thanks to my wonderful husband for providing it the last month! If it wasn't for him (or Family Feast) we'd probably all starve. Eating together happens occasionally, but more often than not Jimmy scarfs down his dinner so he can hold MacKenzie while I scarf down mine. All the while she's unhappy and spitting out a paci because she's ready to eat as well. I've tried feeding her and eating at the same time, but after dropping some spaghetti on her head I stopped. JD is doing better as far as eating goes, we can usually get at least 5 bites out of him now. Then it's off to the bath. JD eats his Popsicle in the bathtub (to date the greatest idea I've ever had) while I bathe Kenzie. She does enjoy her baths now and it seems to really calm her down, so we bathe just about every day. Is that not awful? I just realized that both my children (still so weird to say out loud - children) gets more baths than I do! Once both kiddos are bathed, dried, and dressed for bed the next battle begins. JD is having a very tough time settling down right now so it takes a lot of books and patience. Jimmy takes care of all this since he falls a little short in the nursing department. If we are lucky, the two (sometimes 3) of us get to enjoy a few good shows before going to bed.

I will add that the single best item I own these days is a sling. Those of you that don't have one from your first, this is a MUST for baby #2. I wish I would have had one the first go around, but I now realize that JD was an Angel Baby and was quite content sitting in a swing or bouncy seat for hours and I probably would have never used it. As far as what kind...I'm not sure. I went all hippie at first and bought a really cool Zolo Sling but I have yet to figure it out. So, I am currently using a Peanut Shell sling. So far it's working out great and I can get so much more done. If you couldn't already tell, this baby is a little harder than her brother. I think it's just God's way of preparing me for what's to come raising a girl.

All this being said, I feel so incredibly blessed to be the mommy who gets to raise these two precious little ones. They are the light of my life and I feel so lucky. I love them both with my entire heart and can't wait to see what each new day has in store for us! I truly love my crazy and hectic life!


Nan said...

WOW!!! Congratulation Stephanie. Miss Kenzie is adorable. I'm so happy for you. It looks like you kind of a handful hah?

I really enjoy to read your update.

As far as Sling..I'm a big fan. Pidcha didn't let me do much as well. So I carry her and did pretty mych everything. ^____^

Janelle & Ella said...

It took me a couple of hours to read this post because I kept getting tired and needing a break. You have definitely given us a good picture of what life is like with two. It sounds like you have a great routine in place and are doing really well!!

The Hulett Family said...

I must admit you had me laughing at so many things you said, but probably for the wrong reasons. ha. Mostly likely because I was thinking "wow and she thinks it will get better!" hahaha kidding! It will, but at the same time, it won't. lol. I will totally agree, 6 months later, the evenings... there are days if our neighbor didn't ask us for dinner or Shay didn't bring dinner home, we just wouldn't eat. It seems everyone wants everything at the same time when it comes to the PM and I just can't be 8 place at once...so dinner comes LAST on my list, which means it just gets skippped when it's 10 :30 pm and I still haven't taken a bath (again in days ha), finished the laundry, or (heaven forbid) checked my email. ha. But you eventually get it down to a "somewhat schedule" and then of course you have to go out of town and start all over. =) Oh what fun it is... I must have lost my mind to want to do it again!!! hahahaha Anyway... be thankful for every day that you have to rush out the door and wonder if you smell so bad someone in the car next to you will smell you.... those days are precious and you will only have so many before your kiddos will be too embarrassed for you to take them to school. =) Thank you for a great laugh and many memories of my own crazy and hectic days.... it's much more fun to look back and remember them than to be going thru them!! ha. love you!