Friday, March 02, 2007

The End of an Era

So it's not really the end of an era, but it feels that important to me.

JD is growing up. I say this like it's a surprise, like I haven't said it several times a week for the last 2 years and 30 days. But really, this time - he's growing up.

Tonight after I put JD to bed, which like so many other things has become easier as he's gotten older (and I know this continues to change), I came across something that made tears feel my eyes. I was picking up my room when I came across his bear blanket. I've spoken about this in other posts - the beloved LOVEY if you may. This can't be right I thought - JD's asleep without his blanket. He's slowly been less interested in Bear and Blanket (yes - those are their very technical names) and more interested in Mickey House (I know I called him Mickey House, but that's what JD calls him and for the life of me I can't correct him - it's just too cute). He received a blue night-time Mickey Mouse from my mom and Tim for his birthday. And well...since then, he's not put it down. It's even replaced Bear and Blanket at Mother's Day Out. He'll still ask for Bear and Blanket occasionally and if he sees them in his crib later in the day, he'll pull them out. But for the most part - he doesn't miss them. As long as he's got Mickey House he's happy. Which is great! I'm happy if he's happy, but it's a little bittersweet. Blanket has been by JD's side since he was a baby. I received it at a baby shower and I couldn't wait to use it when JD was born. It's the softest chenille blanket with a stuffed teddy bear head as one of the corners. It made the best blanket/pillow for JD as a baby in his bouncy seat or swing. I've tucked him in bed everynight with his sweet face nuzzled into Blanket's softness. I've had to sneak it in the wash time after time, afraid that eventually the teachers at MDO were going to ban it because it looked so dirty. I had to pry it from his sweet hands when we were at the ER the last time because he'd thrown up on it. It's literally been through it all, and I guess it just saddens me because it's just another remineder that he's growing up. As much as I can't wait for the fun times ahead, my heart aches a little knowing that I'll never get these moments back.

I'm not sure why I'm so sentimental over all of this here recently. I think part of it is that we've had a wonderful couple of weeks. JD has had his moments, but overall he's been so much fun. He's been extremely happy, he's eating better, and he's talking so much. I've spent more time asking myself what the heck Jimmy and I did before JD. I love this precious child so much. I can't wait to watch t-ball games and to teach him how to water ski, but I don't want to - not yet. I need a few more years of this....

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peaches said...

LOL I love it Mickey House, that's cute.

Well, they grow so fast. sometimes I just want to stop the clock.Oh well, I think it's a mother thing ha??