Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Goodbye Blogger. Hello Tumblr.

Well, my little adventure here in blogger-land has been a sweet one. Just like a teenage romance - all hot and bothered in the beginning but by the time summer rolls around, it gets harder to maintain and just fizzles. It's sad but true. Ahh...but don't cry for me Argentina. The Van Fam is moving on to bigger and better quicker and simpler. And fear not, I promise to update this one as often as I do my Facebook. Pretty soon, you'll know what I am eating, watching, and wearing. At least for the school year.

So hop on over, follow me there, and why your at, go ahead and start your own. You know ya wanna? All the cool kids are doing.





August said...

what the heck is tumblr?? teach me!

Stylishly Stormi said...

Hi! I came across your blog and loved reading what you had to say! I've recently started a blog of my own & would loveee for you to check it out. It's jam packed with recipes, fashion, and all things fabulous in my life as a new mommy! Hope you check it out and feel free to follow


xo Stormi

pukimaq said...

Gay life rules! Yo.

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